The Joy of Learning Our Country’s Past

For several years now, I have relished the knowledge obtained from viewing shows on the History Channel that focus on political issues that were prominent during the 20th century. Everything from the debate of whether the dollar should be backed by gold or silver, to the theories concerning whether Lee Harvey Oswald operated along in the assisnation of President John F. Kennedy, to the dilemma that this country experience during the Great Depression, and much, much more.

Often, I’ll just come home from work, and after eating dinner, turn on my system, and spend a few hours watching shows that cover the above events, learning information that I cherish because it gives me a much better understanding of why this country is where it is. Beyond the subjects mentioned above, the History Channel has had several shows covering U.S. presidential elections. I never knew before how difficult is often is for a presidential candidate to pick a running mate, and how important that decision is. The politics of major urban areas has also been covered in detail, including that of Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley and the strong influence that the mob had in his rise to power and the decisions he made while governing the city.

All in all, watching the History Chanell’s showing on American history has been an educational delight. I look forward to many more.

Upgrading Home Appliances

kitchen appliances

In addition to manufacturing and installing custom stairs of the highest quality on Long Island and the New York Metro area, the team at Island Custom Stairs often works with builders and a variety of contractors while on-site.

Recently, a general contractor mentioned that we should check out the online retailer as they’re offering significant discounts on home appliances. The relationships we’ve developed over the years allow us to make recommendations to our clients in home improvement areas which are sometimes outside of the realm of custom stair building.

The selection and discounts offered on Freezers is certainly worth taking a look at. The catalog is robust and offers an impressive selection of top home appliance manufacturers. Additionally, our team was impressed with the selection of high-quality kitchen ranges.

At the very least, is a valuable resource if you’re in the market to build or renovate a residential property.

Our team was excited to see the selection of Napoleon Grills featured on the website. The search for high quality grills is made easy as the product information and specifications are made clear on the sales page. The team at Island Custom Stairs looks forward to sharing more information with respect to our experiences interacting with contractors and design professionals on Long Island.

How To Choose a Custom Stair Building Company on Long Island

Choosing a company on Long Island that specializes in custom stair building can be difficult.  There are many general contractors, who have knowledge of stair building and the abilities to create a unique design, but intricate detail is often overlooked and many customization options are limited.  As stair building is a part of new residential builds or renovation work, looking for a local company that specializes in the area of stair building is advised.

To evaluate a professional company there are many items to consider.  Do they manufacture the stairs in-house or do they sub-contract the design and build phases to a partner?  Are the technicians who are installing the stairs qualified?  Does the company have ties to lumber distributors to acquire unique wood or the ability to buy cost efficient alternatives in bulk?  And most important, how many years has the company been in business and how experienced is the President, chief, or foreman?

Finding a reputable custom stair building operation in New York can be done simply by asking the company the same questions you would ask other contractors who are well known in their trades.  With respect to budgets, the clients involvement within the design phase, and the quality of the work presented, moving forward with a reputable custom stair builder is the next step after due diligence has been performed.

Remember, some custom stair builders have more experience within different areas of the industry.  Some companies may specialize in curved or spiral stairways while others may have strengths in building open stringer staircases or general utility stairs.

For specialty work like custom stair building, doing your homework will pay dividends later on down the road.  Island Custom Stairs is Long Islands premier custom stair building company.  With over four decades of experience, we provide services within all areas of custom staircase manufacturing, and installation.