For several years now, I have relished the knowledge obtained from viewing shows on the History Channel that focus on political issues that were prominent during the 20th century. Everything from the debate of whether the dollar should be backed by gold or silver, to the theories concerning whether Lee Harvey Oswald operated along in the assisnation of President John F. Kennedy, to the dilemma that this country experience during the Great Depression, and much, much more.

Often, I’ll just come home from work, and after eating dinner, turn on my system, and spend a few hours watching shows that cover the above events, learning information that I cherish because it gives me a much better understanding of why this country is where it is. Beyond the subjects mentioned above, the History Channel has had several shows covering U.S. presidential elections. I never knew before how difficult is often is for a presidential candidate to pick a running mate, and how important that decision is. The politics of major urban areas has also been covered in detail, including that of Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley and the strong influence that the mob had in his rise to power and the decisions he made while governing the city.

All in all, watching the History Chanell’s showing on American history has been an educational delight. I look forward to many more.